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Changing for the Better

Franchise Leads Revolution is the leader in innovation for the franchise sales lead generation field. In an industry where results are hard to get, we focus as a company on how to get you the results you need to meet your goals.

Our proprietary technology and unparalleled process management have changed the franchise sales industry for the better. We make sure that your candidates are qualified to act on your offering and are interested in your franchise category. We sort through the unqualified leads for you so that when you get a lead from us, you can be confident that your time and resources are being put to the best use.

Our Leader in Change

Our leader is Natalie Nutter. She has the unique education, background, and career experience that put her on the path to revolutionizing the franchise sales lead industry.

Natalie started her working career in an entirely different field. After earning her degree from the Mechanical Engineering discipline at Purdue University, she joined the working ranks in the field of mechanical design automation. She worked in the field for 15 years.

During this time, she and the rest of her team worked together to help drive Rasna Corporation to the number 3 spot on Inc. Magazine’s top 100 fastest growing companies list. Soon thereafter, Rasna Corporation sold to Parametric Technologies (PTC) for $500 Million.

Natalie felt it was time to apply what she knew about mechanical design automation to business design automation. She joined a software development start up company called Blue Martini Software. She was instrumental in the company’s public offering just two years later with a $4.4 Billion peak market cap.

It wasn’t until the mid 2000s that Natalie joined the franchise industry as a franchise consultant. In her new role, she quickly grew frustrated with the quality of franchise sales leads she was getting. She felt that her time was wasted running down unqualified leads and calling disconnected numbers. She knew there had to be a better way to generate and qualify sales leads.

Using her experience in all kinds of automation, she was able to look at franchise lead generation in a whole new way. The leads she was using were working and her colleagues quickly picked up on her secret. They soon approached her about getting them leads too.

She saw a demand and she was determined to supply it. She co-founded Mercury Road and then later, Franchise Leads Revolution. Never one content to rest on past success, she continues to innovate and optimize her process for finding the very best franchise candidates available for her clients.

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