Our Leads

Welcome to Franchise Leads Revolution. We are a franchise sales lead generation company that doesn’t generate mere leads. We transform what is possible for the industry and provide our clients with franchise candidates.

Our job is to help you do your job better. We do what we do best so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best. We help you maximize your time and resources by providing you only the candidates that fit the perfect profile of what you are looking for in a future franchisee.

We work a little differently than your usual franchise sales lead generation firm. First, we get an idea of what you are looking for from individuals who are interested in purchasing a franchise from your franchise category. Then our networks of lead acquisition start accumulating leads. We sort through the leads to find the individuals that are the best match for your offering. Then our team of professionals calls each individual to confirm their interest, their contact information, and most importantly their finances. Then, once we have verified the candidate, we pass them on to you for the next step.

We go above and beyond our competition for our clients. We only pass on the very best candidates to you. If a candidate does not meet your financial requirements after our verification call, we do not send them to you or charge you for the lead. Also, Franchise Leads Revolution does GEO targeting by state, county or zip at no additional charge.

We know that you have limits on your time and resources. Our leads help you maximize your productivity. We find you the business so you can close the business.

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