Call Verified Franchise Broker Leads is not the same as a portal or a broker. If you want the usual franchise sales leads, we are not the company for you. But if you want franchise candidates that are call-verified and ready to do business, you need Franchise Leads Revolution. Get Started!

Transformative Technology

sliderOur technology transforms the industry standard for high-quality franchise sales lead generation. Our proprietary system consistently outperforms our competition giving you the advantage against yours.

Call Verified Leads

sliderWe call every lead on the phone to verify their interest and financial resources before we send them to you.

Totally Free GEO Targeting

sliderWe can identify franchise candidates down to a specific state, county and even zip code – at No Additional Charge.

Performance Marketing

sliderWe believe in performance and that the formula for our success is simple: Your Success = Our Success.